06. Retreat rules

All participants are expected to follow the following rules and maintain the harmony of the community during the time of retreat.

1. The retreat is done in silence. Zen Master Seung Sahn said: “Silence is better than holiness.” Bodhidharma sat silently in Sorim for nine years. Silence deepens our practice, and it benefits us and others. If your work does not require you to speak, keeping silence will help.

2. Arrive on time for all practice sessions, Dharma talks and meals. Always go to the Dharma room on time when you hear the five-minute moktak. Do not enter or leave the Dharma room during meditation or singing, except to go to or return from an interview.

3. Walking meditation is the continuation of sitting meditation. You can leave the Dharma room during walking meditation when necessary. When you reenter the Dharma room, do it quietly in your proper place on the line.

4. Everyone should attend all practice sessions, including meals and the work period. If you are ill and unable to attend, please notify the Head Dharma Teacher (HDT) before the practice session you are about to miss.

5. Please do not move during meditation. If you are sleepy or your legs hurt, please make a small bow and stand behind your cushion.

6. Mobile phones, personal computers or any communication equipment may not be used during the retreat.​ All outside communications are suspended for the duration of the retreat and there will be no wifi service in the Zen Center. In case of an emergency, notify the HDT.

7. The HDT will control the opening and closing of the windows and the lights of the Dharma room. If you have a problem or request, tell the HDT.

8. Do not wear brightly colored clothing during the retreat. Do not wear hats in the Dharma room.

9. Smoking is not allowed in the Zen Center, please go to the designated area for it.

10. Please do not read personal books during the retreat, only the books and magazines provided by the Zen Center library. Read them during breaks and put them back on the shelf.

11. Everyone will have a task to do every day during the work period, especially clean the temple and work in the kitchen. The work period is part of the formal practice. Please do the assigned work with mindfulness.

12. If you have any health problems or special dietary needs, please notify the HDT in advance.

13. If any participant breaks any of the above rules, they will be asked to leave the retreat.