1. Practical transport information

Bori Sa (Alta Garrotxa, Girona) is 160 km from Barcelona (2.5 hours by car) and 22 km from the nearest town, Tortellà (45 minutes by car).

  • If you do not have your own means of transport, consult the transport options with the Zen Center BEFORE buying any plane ticket, etc.
  • Please, when it comes to organizing your trip keep in mind that it takes several hours to arrive to Borisa and bus schedules are limited.
  • We can not guarantee the last stretch of transport (Argelaguer-Borisa) if you arrive too late on the first day or leave too early on the last day.
  • The retreat ends on the last day around 4pm with informal lunch, if you do not have your own means of transport, keep this in mind when planning your return to Barcelona… (For example, it is necessary to book a flight most late possible in the night or even for the next day).
  • Car: You can only reach Bori Sa by car. Wherever you come from, get to Tortellà and follow the instructions from there.
  • Bus: (www.teisa-bus.com)
    • Route: Barcelona-Argelaguer
      • The bus stop is at Gran Via 658, Barcelona
      • Bus ticket price: 15€
  • Pick up at the bus stop: There is no public transport from the bus stop to the Zen Center, if there were no cars available a pick-up can be organized (fee: 20€, to be shared among the occupants of the vehicle). The pick up is only made the day the retreat begins or ends. Please coordinate the pick up BEFORE you buy any plane ticket, etc.
  • IMPORTANT: the last day of the retreat is not possible to be in barcelona before 19h-20h, please, take it into account at the time of reserving flights, etc.