2. Detailed instructions on how to get there

  1. (from Barcelona) A-7 motorway towards France, we go out in Girona Nord and continue always towards Olot, once past the deviations in Besalu, the road becomes a dual carriageway. We leave the motorway at exit marked Argelaguer / Tortella.
  2. We pass through the village Argelaguer and turn to Tortella direction. After the traffic light at the entrance of Tortella, take (at the right hand) the road towards Sales de Llierca.
  3. A km later, there is a curve where you will see the mailboxes of Sales village. You must continue on the same road you come from, that turns left. Always follow this road! If in doubt, always take the left fork, only when is asphalt (if the left fork is NOT paved, follow the road where is asphalt).
  4. About 2 km from the mailboxes, the road stops to be paved and divides in two. We will follow the forest track on the left, which begins to rise. You know that you are going well if there is a sign saying not exceed 20 km/h (!).
  5. From here you can follow the signs to “ORRI” the house before Puli (Bori Sa).
  6. The track climbs gradually, is in good condition and has two asphalt sections. When the second stretch of asphalt ends, you will see on your right a house under construction (Monteia), you pass by the road in front of the house. You have already traveled about 7 km of track and there are still a few more. Go forward without leaving the track. About 3 km. of Monteia, and already in “Orri” property (you will pass a green signal that indicates it), the track bifurcates again.
  7. We’ll go to the left, up, toward Sadernes-Bassegoda, along the stretch of concrete. Later the road plans and then comes back up, in a second section of concrete.
  8. A 1 km of the second strecht of concrete, we’ll reach a crossroads, easily identifiable because there are several signs and red hydrant (for fire). We go straight and down.
  9. The descent ends at another crossroads, in which we will continue to the left, starting the climb to the house of Puli.
  10. The last house is Bori Sa.