08. Online retreat rules

All participants are expected to follow the rules and maintain the harmony of the community during the retreat time.

1. The retreat is done in silence. Zen Master Seung Sahn said, “Silence is better than holiness.” Bodhidharma sat silently in Sorim for nine years. Silence deepens our practice, and benefits us and others. If your job doesn’t require you to speak, keeping silence will help you.

2. Be on time for all practice sessions and Dharma talks. Always access the Dharma room online on time. Do not enter or leave the Dharma room during meditation or chanting, except for going to or returning from an interview or attend an unforeseen event.

3. Walking meditation is the continuation of sitting meditation. You can leave your physical space and the online Dharma room during walking meditation when necessary. When re-entering the Dharma room online, please do so with the microphone turned off.

4. Everyone must attend all practice sessions. If you are sick and cannot attend, please notify the Head Dharma Teacher (HDT) before the practice session that you have to miss.

5. If during meditation you are sleepy or your legs hurt, you can make a little bow and stand behind your cushion to continue the meditation.

6. During the retreat we recommend that you avoid communication with the outside whenever possible. Making phone calls, sending or receiving email, etc., will distract you from your meditative state.

7. The HDT will control the opening and closing of the Dharma room and access to the interview room. If you have any problem or request, tell HDT.

8. Do not wear brightly colored clothing or hats during the retreat.

9. The work period is part of the formal practice. Take advantage of it to perform tasks at home mindfully.

10. If a participant breaks any of the rules above, will be asked to leave the retreat.