02. Online YMJJ schedule

Everyone participates in the full schedule. If you are sick or have an emergency that prevents you from attending any part of the schedule, you can leave and enter, always with the micro switched off so as not to disturb the other participants.

  • 5.45h Wake up
  • 6.00h 108 postrations
  • 6.30h Meditation (2 x 35 min)
  • 8h Break (Breakfast)
  • 9h Work period
  • 10.20h Break
  • 11h Meditation (3 x 30 min)
  • 13h Luch
  • 15h Meditation (3 x 30 min)
  • 17h Dinner
  • 18.30h Meditation (3 x 30 min)
  • 20.20h Four Great Vows

The retreat ends on the last day at 13.00h (with the Circle Talk).