Help Each Other

The Avatamsaka Sutra says, “If you want to understand the Buddhas of the past, present, and future, then you should view the nature of the whole universe as being created by mind alone.”

We all understand what this sutra is talking about on some level. If we are happy and active, then the whole world around us becomes joyous. But, when we are sad or depressed, then even the clouds look sad and the rain turns into the teardrops of the world. Everything becomes a problem, and we are passive spectators in a world not of our making.

Stick, kasa, robes, scriptures, sutras, masters, Buddha, religions: all these are actually only placebos. But as long as we have mind, we need them. And even if we keep no mind, become completely free, we still need them. If even one being is still entangled in their difficulties and suffering, then we must put on our robe and practice Zen together with them. Because that’s what we are all about: become a fellow-being, help each other.

By Zen Master Ji Kwang