Great Love And Great Compassion Mind

Do you know an elevator’s job? Many people can push the button wanting the elevator, but the elevator only comes when the proper floor and direction appears. When the elevator is going up, it only stops for up-buttons and coming down it only stops for down-buttons. The elevator understands its correct action sequence. That is only going straight.

If you put your mind in order, then it works the same as a computer. Then you will understand your correct action sequence. That is correct opinion, correct condition, and correct situation—Zen mind. Also, that is great love and great compassion mind. If you want that mind you must make your “I, My, Me” disappear. If you don’t hold your opinion, your condition or your situation, then your original high-class computer will work correctly. So, you must practice every day.

By Zen Master Seung Sahn

My Pain Is Very Expensive

In those last days of his life, Zen Master Seung Sahn was in the hospital and in a great deal of great pain. Dae Kwan Sunim was with him and asked if ZMSS would give his pain to her.

“No, no, no, no! It’s enough only I experience this. Never give to you……only I keep!”

Dae Kwan Sunim insisted, but Zen Master Seung Sahn said, “My pain is very expensive!”

“How much, sir?” she asked him. “We will buy it from you.”

“My pain is so expensive, you cannot buy it!” Zen master Seung Sahn replied.

Dae Kwan Sunim leaned into his ear and said, “Then maybe I will sell the Su Bon Zen Monastery, get lots of money and give it to you. Then you give us your pain!”

There was a moment of silence.

Dae Kwan Sunim continued, “If we give you all this money, then what will you do with it?”

Zen Master Seung Sahn replied, “I take your money, then rent another Zen center, save all beings from suffering!”

At these words, everyone burst out laughing. Then he said, “That’s not a bad business deal, yah?”

The Beginning Of The End Of Suffering

So that is the great question. What are we before we made up everything else? You know the monologue that has been playing in your head. We are always editing it, revising it, making up a story of who we are. But to try to arrive at the point where you can see what you are before you began to make up the story, that’s seeing true nature, the Buddha nature, and that’s the beginning of the end of suffering.

I said at the beginning that Buddha saw that but he didn’t stop practicing. Maybe you see something very strongly and very clearly, and then you say “Oh, now I am enlightened.” But, probably not, first of all, but yeah, maybe. And then, you think you can just coast. That’s not the case. If you stop practicing, it would just become a memory. It actually becomes a hindrance, worst than simply a memory, something you hold on to cherish, perhaps. So any kind of experience, just treat that with just “don’t know.” Always return to just the “don’t know” [hits the floor with his hand]. Be content to stay in the mystery.

By Zen Master Hae Kwang

Life is Zen

Life is Zen. But some people say that life is suffering. How are these different? If you make “my life is Zen,” then your life becomes Zen. If somebody else makes “my life is suffering,” then that person’s life becomes suffering. So it all depends on how you are keeping your mind just now, at this very moment! This just-now mind continues and becomes your life, as one point continues and becomes a straight line.


If you attain enlightenment, you will understand that all people are suffering greatly, so your mind also will be suffering. This is big suffering. So you must enter the great bodhisattva way and save all people from their suffering.


By Zen Master Seung Sahn