Now Is The Time

Nobody guarantees our life. So if there is anything that you think may be useful, just now is the time to use it. In our life, past mind cannot be attained. Present mind cannot be attained. If you say “present,” it is already not present, already gone. If you lose this moment, you can never regain it.

We follow Buddha’s example. Buddha means awakened. If you are going to awaken, tomorrow is too late. One hour from now is also too late. Even one second from now is too late. Just this moment, wake up. I hope each of you will make correct practice in your life and attain this wake-up. Then one more step is most important: use this wake-up to help all beings.

–Zen Master Wu Bong

Four Seasons

Flowers in Springtime
Moon in Autumn
Cool Wind in Summer
Snow in Winter
If you don’t make anything in your mind,
for you it is a good season

From the Mu Mun Kwan