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Kyolche 2023 (3 months), led by various teachers

January 8, 2023, 05:00 - April 1, 2023, 13:00

Winter Retreat

Kyol Che: Tight Dharma

January 8 to April 1 (3 months, minimum participation 1 week).

Led by various teachers

Hybrid: face-to-face and online.

Deep in the mountains, the great bell is struck.
(Zen Master Seung Sahn)

Meditation is like a wind that blows all clouds of thinking away and mind becomes clear. Clear mind is our original mind.

Join us for a 3 months meditation retreat in the mountains. Bori Sa is located amidst the magnificent scenery of Alta Garrotxa Natural Park. We’ll practice sitting, bowing, chanting, working and eating together in complete silence.

There will be Dharma talks and kong-an interviews with the teacher.

1st week – Jan. 8th: Arne Schaefer JDPSN
2nd week – Jan. 15th: Arne Schaefer JDPSN
3rd week – Jan. 22nd: Arne Schaefer JDPSN
4th week – Jan. 29th: Arne Schaefer JDPSN
5th week – Feb. 5th: Knud Rosenmayr JDPSN (online)
6th week – Feb. 12th: Koen Vermeulen JDPSN
7th week – Feb. 19th, Intensive Week: Barbara Pardo JDPSN
8th week – Feb. 26th: Barbara Pardo JDPSN
9th week – March 5th: Tolo Cantarellas JDPSN
10th week – March 12th: Zen Master Hyon Ja (online)
11th week – March 19th: Zen Master Bon Shim
12th week – March 26th: Zen Master Bon Shim



The retreats are silent, in our Mountain Zen Center located in the middle of nature, in the Alta Garrotxa Natural Park. The participants follow an intensive program of sitting and walking mediation, chanting, bowing and formal meals, trying to keep alive the practice of attention at all times.

Scholarships available for students and long term Sangha volunteers, more information here.

Limited places. The registration period ends 7 days before your retreat. Please, resd carefully the conditions of transport and practical details of the retreat before signing up.







1 Week: 250€

1 Month: 700€

Includes accommodation and food.

Transportation cost not included.

Kwan Um Zen School members

(Eastern European countries)

1 Week: 200€

1 Month: 600€

Includes accommodation and food.

Transportation cost not included.


Práctical information (download)

Borisa is very isolated on the mountain. It is important to bring everything in the list and what you might need, there’s no shops were to find what you don’t bring.

  • Sleeping bag or sheets.
  • Lantern (+ batteries).
  • Towel, toiletries (gel, shampoo, etc. All Zen Center discharges go directly to nature, so we encourage you to use environmentally friendly products).
  • Kit of basic medicines that you may need (cough, cold…), insect repellent, sunscreen, antihistamines (if you are allergic to animal hair, plants, dust…), etc.
  • Slippers and mountain shoes.
  • Clothing comfortable for meditation (discreet and neutral colors).
  • Clothing suitable for the season of the year (in the mountains the weather can vary a lot from day to day, and be cold).
  • If you have precepts, please bring your short/long formal robe and kasa.
  • In the Dharma room, socks are always worn.
  • We function with solar panels, so the use of hair dryers, irons, etc. is not allowed. Please use electricity and water consciously.

Accommodation is in simple, shared rooms, sleeping on the floor with mattresses.

All meals are vegetarian (it is not possible to meet all the special dietary needs of each participant, if you have any intolerance inform us when making your registration for the retreat).

In Borisa there is no telephone or Wifi, and mobile signal is not guaranteed. One of the charms of the Zen Center is the freedom that allows from the cell phone, email and Internet access. In case of emergency, Zen Center can be contact (only WhatsApp or sms) on the phone +34 655 033 018

Everyone participates fully in the schedule. If you are sick or have an emergency that prevents you from attending any part of the schedule, please notify the Head Dharma Teacher.

  • 5.00h Wake up
  • 5.15h 108 bows
  • 5.45h Morning Chanting
  • 6.40h Meditation (2x 30 min)
  • 8h Breakfast
  • 9h Work period
  • 10.20h Break
  • 11h Meditation (3 x 30 min)
  • 13h Lunch
  • 15h Walk outside
  • 15.50h Meditation (1 x 1h)
  • 17h Dinner
  • 18.30h Evening Chanting
  • 19.30h Meditation (2 x 30 min)
  • 20.45h Four Great Vows
  • 22.00h Silence

The retreat ends the last day after lunch.

All participants are expected to follow the following rules and maintain the harmony of the community during the time of retreat.

1. The retreat is done in silence. Zen Master Seung Sahn said: “Silence is better than holiness.” Bodhidharma sat silently in Sorim for nine years. Silence deepens our practice, and it benefits us and others. If your work does not require you to speak, keeping silence will help.

2. Arrive on time for all practice sessions, Dharma talks and meals. Always go to the Dharma room on time when you hear the five-minute moktak. Do not enter or leave the Dharma room during meditation or singing, except to go to or return from an interview.

3. Walking meditation is the continuation of sitting meditation. You can leave the Dharma room during walking meditation when necessary. When you reenter the Dharma room, do it quietly in your proper place on the line.

4. Everyone should attend all practice sessions, including meals and the work period. If you are ill and unable to attend, please notify the Head Dharma Teacher (HDT) before the practice session you are about to miss.

5. Please do not move during meditation. If you are sleepy or your legs hurt, please make a small bow and stand behind your cushion.

6. Mobile phones, personal computers or any communication equipment may not be used during the retreat.​ All outside communications are suspended for the duration of the retreat and there will be no wifi service in the Zen Center. In case of an emergency, notify the HDT.

7. The HDT will control the opening and closing of the windows and the lights of the Dharma room. If you have a problem or request, tell the HDT.

8. Do not wear brightly colored clothing during the retreat. Do not wear hats in the Dharma room.

9. Smoking is not allowed in the Zen Center, please go to the designated area for it.

10. Please do not read personal books during the retreat, only the books and magazines provided by the Zen Center library. Read them during breaks and put them back on the shelf.

11. Everyone will have a task to do every day during the work period, especially clean the temple and work in the kitchen. The work period is part of the formal practice. Please do the assigned work with mindfulness.

12. If you have any health problems or special dietary needs, please notify the HDT in advance.

13. If any participant breaks any of the above rules, they will be asked to leave the retreat.

To formalize your online retreat registration, please make the payment using one of the following options:

  • Paypal: boricentrozen@hotmail.com
  • Bank transfer:
    • Bori Zen Center Association (CaixaBank)
    • IBAN: ES26 2100 0539 7201 0050 3923

Remember to include your name in the concept of the transfer and refer to the retreat, for example: June retreat Mery Johanson.

Once the transfer has been made, remember to send an email to boricentrozen@hotmail.com with proof of payment.

Transport (download informationdownload indications)

Bori Sa (Alta Garrotxa, Girona) is 160 km from Barcelona (2.5 hours by car) and 22 km from the nearest town, Tortellà (45 minutes by car).

  • If you do not have your own means of transport, consult the transport options with the Zen Center BEFORE buying any plane ticket, etc.
  • Please, when it comes to organizing your trip keep in mind that it takes several hours to arrive to Borisa and bus schedules are limited.
  • We can not guarantee the last stretch of transport (Argelaguer-Borisa) if you arrive too late on the first day or leave too early on the last day.
  • The retreat ends on the last day around 4pm with informal lunch, if you do not have your own means of transport, keep this in mind when planning your return to Barcelona… (For example, it is necessary to book a flight most late possible in the night or even for the next day).
  • Car: You can only reach Bori Sa by car. Wherever you come from, get to Tortellà and follow the instructions from there.
  • Bus: (www.teisa-bus.com)
    • Route: Barcelona-Argelaguer
      • The bus stop is at Gran Via 658, Barcelona
      • Bus ticket price: 15€
  • Pick up at the bus stop: There is no public transport from the bus stop to the Zen Center, if there were no cars available a pick-up can be organized (fee: 20€, to be shared among the occupants of the vehicle). The pick up is only made the day the retreat begins or ends. Please coordinate the pick up BEFORE you buy any plane ticket, etc.
  • IMPORTANT: the last day of the retreat is not possible to be in barcelona before 19h-20h, please, take it into account at the time of reserving flights, etc. 
  1. (from Barcelona) A-7 motorway towards France, we go out in Girona Nord and continue always towards Olot, once past the deviations in Besalu, the road becomes a dual carriageway. We leave the motorway at exit marked Argelaguer / Tortella.
  2. We pass through the village Argelaguer and turn to Tortella direction. After the traffic light at the entrance of Tortella, take (at the right hand) the road towards Sales de Llierca.
  3. A km later, there is a curve where you will see the mailboxes of Sales village. You must continue on the same road you come from, that turns left. Always follow this road! If in doubt, always take the left fork, only when is asphalt (if the left fork is NOT paved, follow the road where is asphalt).
  4. About 2 km from the mailboxes, the road stops to be paved and divides in two. We will follow the forest track on the left, which begins to rise. You know that you are going well if there is a sign saying not exceed 20 km/h (!).
  5. From here you can follow the signs to “ORRI” the house before Puli (Bori Sa).
  6. The track climbs gradually, is in good condition and has two asphalt sections. When the second stretch of asphalt ends, you will see on your right a house under construction (Monteia), you pass by the road in front of the house. You have already traveled about 7 km of track and there are still a few more. Go forward without leaving the track. About 3 km. of Monteia, and already in “Orri” property (you will pass a green signal that indicates it), the track bifurcates again.
  7. We’ll go to the left, up, toward Sadernes-Bassegoda, along the stretch of concrete. Later the road plans and then comes back up, in a second section of concrete.
  8. A 1 km of the second strecht of concrete, we’ll reach a crossroads, easily identifiable because there are several signs and red hydrant (for fire). We go straight and down.
  9. The descent ends at another crossroads, in which we will continue to the left, starting the climb to the house of Puli.
  10. The last house is Bori Sa.


January 8, 2023, 05:00
April 1, 2023, 13:00
Event Category:


Bori Zen Center
+34 655 033 018


Bori Sa (Puli)
Sales de Llierca
Sales de Llierca, Girona 17853 Spain
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January 8, 2023, 05:00
April 1, 2023, 13:00
Event Category:


Bori Zen Center
+34 655 033 018


Bori Sa (Puli)
Sales de Llierca
Sales de Llierca, Girona 17853 Spain
+ Google Map