The Teachings of Zen Master Man Gong (part 3)

What Am I? The Necessity of Finding Your True Self

11. Everything is true nature (big ‘I’). If you apply effort to anything else other than finding it, even the smallest effort, is a waste.

12. Everyone has three bodies: a physical body, a karma body and a dharma body. For a true human being, these three bodies are not separate but function as one.

13. All action originates from the dharma body. Since the dharma body is not separate from the physical body or the karma body, all phenomena are also beyond life and death.

14. The place beyond life and death includes both the sentient and the non-sentient. Therefore, all the weapons of the universe cannot destroy the true nature of even one blade of grass.

15. In our world, there is a lot of teaching about how to find and understand our true nature. These are all just the understanding of the small ‘I’ from the point of view of our karma. Our true nature is inconceivable and beyond imagination.

From the book, The Teachings of Zen Master Man Gong.