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Clear Karma

Zen practice does not take away karma. If you practice Zen, your karma becomes clear. If you are not practicing, your karma controls you.

Our intuition

Some of our actions are not visible to others, and the results will only appear in the future, but inside we know already what we are doing.

Mind Light

If you put on a light, it’s bright and you can see sick people, happy people, everything. Without light you can’t see anything. The world is the same either way; it’s only whether we have light or not that makes a difference. If it’s dark, everyone is fighting each other and suffering. Everyone cries, “Where […]

Nothing Mind

“What is the purpose of life?” I asked many old people in the hospital this question, or “What did you get out of life?” and many said, “Nothing.”

True Job Of Enlightenment

Everybody wants to practice in a place like this, in the middle of the mountains, completely quiet, surrounded by nature, with nobody around to bother you. But this kind of practice is also attachment: attachment to practice. If you attach to a good situation, if you want to practice only in peace and silence, or […]